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Guest Administration - Guest Policy
Contractors and others having legitimate, professional affiliations with the university may be granted "guest" access to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston information systems. To be granted "guest" access, an individual must be sponsored by a faculty or administrative and professional (A&P) employee of UTHealth. Sponsors may request "guest" access for an individual by clicking the "Guest Sponsors" link above, logging in (using UTHealth uid/password), and completing the subsequent form. Individuals who are not university employees or students must be listed in the university directory service as guests if they are to have non-public access to any UTHealth information resource.
Candidates must read the Information Resources User Acknowledgement Form thoroughly and agree to all of its terms, as well as view the Guest Information Security Awareness Training, and attest to viewing the training on the Information Resources User Acknowledgement Form. Contractors must also have read the Contractor Confidentiality Agreement Form thoroughly and agree to all of its terms. These forms must also be signed in the presence of a Registration Agent (RA) at one of the University's Identity Verification Centers. If a candidate is not in the Houston area, he or she must appear before a notary public and execute the procedure described at this link.